Only the prices and ticket categories listed on this website and mentioned by the official resellers are authentic.

The official resellers of tickets for the Gonet Geneva Open are Fnac and Ticketcorner.

No other platform or process for reselling tickets is approved by the organizer, GTP Sàrl.

Viagogo is not an official reseller of our event.

In order to protect you from overpriced tickets and forgeries, we advise you to buy your tickets only from official and authorized ticketing agencies.

We decline any responsibility in case of purchase of tickets from an unauthorized reseller and point out that access to the Gonet Geneva Open may be denied if the ticket presented is not an official one.

In case of rain, postponed or cancelled matches, tickets are not refunded and are not valid or exchanged for the following day.

Secondary courts 1 & 2: free seating, no seats allocated.

Possibility to follow the training sessions on the dedicated courts.